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Welcome to all enthusiasts of the Beautiful Writing... or if you prefer – Calligraphy. Welcome to my universe... This blog is dedicated to that unusual art and any related art such as graphic design, typography, etc. I created this site to express all that... my own way, with all the fascination and the spirit I can offer. I also wanted to show how I see, feel and understand the art of lettering. But why "Timeless Lettering Art" ? Simply because any sort of calligraphy in the world such as Latin [also called Western] – the one I actually practise –, Arabic, Chinese or Tibetan... is timeless and will always be anyway !... Also, I thought that the title sounded good and poetic ! Here you will find any info or news about it. I created two similar blogs, one in french and the other in english, because Calligraphy is everywhere in the world now... There will be an official website someday. But please content yourself with this blog in the meantime... Thank you. Malika [copyright - picture of the profile - Matthew Simpson-Morgan – april 2006]


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Commission : two canvasses about Venice

Canvasses about Venice. Texts are from Alfred de Musset, French poet and John Ruskin, British art critic from the 18th & 19th century.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Thursday, 4 November 2010


Here are some logo made for a contest recently "a new logo for Jarville". Those ones haven't been accepted... Anyway, making them really was fun ! :•)

Friday, 15 January 2010

Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Art of Hermann Zapf...

You can only get speechless when you see that unique calligrapher at work !! It's bliss !... *THE BEST ONE EVER* !

The Art of Hermann Zapf from Johnny Dib on Vimeo.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

New canvas...

Acrylic on canvas – approx 72 x 43 inch – 2007. My biggest canvas hey !...

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

In Red Or White

"In Red Or White" – mixed media on wood - 2007.